Tidal Current Modelling

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The black arrows indicate the council’s findings of the effluent dispersal.

The red arrows are the findings of Mike Quinnell (expert oceanographer) which indicate the effluent coming ashore.

Download Link To Full Document: Mike Quinnell Oral Hearing Letter

I disagree with the DCC’s conclusion of “…the results of the dispersion model predictions can be considered a conservative (worst case) estimate of the potential impact of the proposed discharge”. I do not consider that the model predicts a “worst case estimate of the potential impact” in the aspects of how the vast majority of people would interpret “potential impact” to signify.

To conclude, as the current model was not tuned to match local conditions, and the effluent dispersion model used the un-tuned current model, it is my opinion that all results of the effluent dispersion model are invalid.

One Responseto “Tidal Current Modelling”

  1. Al Ballisty says:

    Significant analysis of the true flow of sewage onto the shoreline are contained in Mike Quinnell’s oral report. It seems that the DCC is insistent in turning away from the reality of the flow of our currents on the Foyle. How is it the the 1990 members of DCC could see the harm caused by this dispersion scheme and our present members want to promote this harm? Something is seriously wrong here with their denial of the harm to our citizens.

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