Discharge License Legal Issues

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EPA to ABP 22-07-11.pdf

The Agency has not received n licence npplicution for the MovilldGreencnstle Sewernge Scheme. Donegal County Council cannot discharge to water from this proposed agglomeration without a licence in accordance with the WWDA Regs being in place. In making the application the WWDA Regs (Reg 17) require that the applicant would submit a copy of the planning approval and the environmental impact statement (EIS) to the Agency. In carrying out our assessment of the application the Agency must have regard to the EIS nnd the decision of An Bord Pleanhla ‘only insofar as (hey relate lo rhe risk of environinenlai pollution of the receiving waters’ from the discharge (Regulation 22).

Letter to EPA July 2013.pdf

Following our recent conversations I feel compelled to put on record my concerns in relation to the confusion that exists about two potential discharge licence applications by Donegal County Council. The first application relates to six untreated discharges that have been operational for decades in Moville, Co. Donegal. This application is referenced as D0212-01 on your website. However, this application has become confused with the proposed Moville/Greencastle Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for which no application for a discharge licence has been made. This WWTP proposal was passed by ABP in August 2011 and is currently before the High Court for judicial review.

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