Sinn Fein promise Carnagarve Group help

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At a site meeting yesterday 24/04/2014  at Carnagarve beach attended by Sinn Fein MEP candidate Matt Carty, Padraig mc Laughlin T.D. Jack Murray Co Clr members of CFCE and concerned local residents, Mr Carty promised all possible help, in the event that he is elected, in progressing our complaint in Brussels.


Standing adjacent to the location for the proposed sewage discharge pipe the european candidate found it difficult to understand the lack of reasoning and logic that was applied to this proposal and agreed wholeheartedly with all present that this badly needed sewage plant should go north of Greencastle, effluent to be properly treated and discharged to the deep waters of the open sea.


Such a  move would safeguard all the wonderful natural facilities along this part of our coastline and once and for all solve this long overdue requirement for a proper waste disposal facility for one and all. The beautiful pocket beaches, bathing waters and coastline walks are our most valuable local assets and must be protected at all costs.




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