Beach Protest at Carnagarve‏

Visitors plus residents of Moville and Greencastle came together on Glenburnie beach at Carnagarve on this beautiful summers evening with the sole intent of sending a strong united message to Irish Water and the EPA – TAKE YOUR SEWAGE PLANT AND DISCHARGE PIPE AND PUT IT WHERE IT BELONGS.

Click pictures to enlarge:

DSCN1462 DSCN1465

This proposed sewage discharge pipe has no place in this idyllic setting.
Visitors and locals alike are dumbfounded at the lack of reasoning, logic and plain common sense regarding this proposal.

It is now high time that all local residents lobbied their political representatives and insisted this amazing series of golden pocket beaches are formally designated by Donegal Co Council to enable them to be safeguarded for all times.

These beaches, bathing waters and shore walk are this communitys most important local assets both economically and spiritually and must be guarded and protected at all costs from ill informed and ill advised bureaucratic decisions.

By just looking at the attached photographs it becomes crystal clear that the proposed sewage discharge pipe could easily be described as a potential act of vandalism.

The CFCE would like to thank Deputy Padraig mc Laughlin, Clr Jack Murray and Clr Albert Doherty for attending the gathering.
Local Clr Martin Farren was unable to attend and sent his apologies.




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