Ownership of Sea Bed in Lough Foyle‏

If ever proof was needed as to who owns the seabed of Lough Foyle then the statement from The Lough.s Agency senior spokesperson, Mr Barry Fox, surely takes us most of the way. (See Derry Journal article linked below)

Also, as can be seen from the response from the Crown Estates, (see attachment) stating that unless the North/South authorities recognise and accept their ownership claim of the sea bed of Lough Foyle then the proposed draught legislation for regulation of acquaculture in Lough Foyle will not progress.

So much for the DCC’s claim of seabed ownership where they intend to locate the sewage discharge pipe at Carnagarve.

Since this Journal article was written the number of Oyster Trestles has increased enormously

They now stretch all along the coast from Moville to Culmore point. ( See sample photograph of trestles at Moville)

It is surely long past time that the authorities admit they have got it wrong and stop throwing good money after bad.

Being ‘hell bent’ on pushing a discredited project makes no sense and is not acceptable.

The local community stands ready to contribute to an agreed solution.

Enda Craig
spokesperson CFCE

Please see following excerpt from Crown Estate letter attached to this email:

As a body when granting a landowner-consent we include certain reservations and caveats giving us rights over our proprietary and interests.

Please see following excerpt from Derry Journal article linked in this email:

However, he admitted right now there was little the agency could do about this because an agreement, between the British Crown Estates Commission and the Republic’s Department of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, for the Agency to manage all aquaculture on the Foyle, has not yet been ‘signed off’




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