Inishowen Municipal District Committee Meeting Fri 4th Sept.‏

The Committee for a Clean Estuary group is appalled at the response to Cllr Jack Murray’s attempt to have the Glenburnie Beach Designation discussed at the Inishowen Municipal District Committee meeting on the 4th Buncrana.
Cllr. Murray was lambasted by his fellow councillors and referred to as ‘disingenuous’……..why?
This hostile behaviour from fellow councillors is totally beyond comprehension.

Cllr. Murray, supported by local Clr. Martin Farren, was proposing, on behalf of the residents of Moville and Greencastle and the many visitors to the area, that the pocket beaches at Glenburnie would be designated as ‘official bathing waters’ as required by EC Bathing Water Directive 2006/7/EC.
This means the area would be assessed for safety and suitability. Also, and most importantly, the bathing waters would have to be analysed and the results published and displayed in the vicinity of the beaches so that potential bathers would be aware of the quality of the waters before using them. Is there some reason why this should not happen?

This is a very reasonable and progressive proposal. It would add immensely to the bathing and recreational facilities which are adjacent to the popular shore walk between Moville and Greencastle

The introduction of totally irrelevant topics by some councillors is difficult to understand.
‘BLUE FLAG’ designation was never requested or mentioned in the application which each Clr. was given a copy of prior to the meeting. The introduction of the ‘sewage discharge pipe’ was a complete red herring and has to be considered an attempt to deliberately confuse the issue.

Councillor Murray deserves an apology….at least…..and another hearing.

The CFCE requests the Councillors to revisit this issue at the next meeting. This meeting must adhere to the specific details
in the application and not be side tracked by irrelevant interventions.

A copy of the original letter of application is included.

Link To Designation Application Word Document: DesignationApplication

Enda Craig Spokesperson CFCE

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