Moville Greencastle Sewage Scheme Updated Position

The CFCE considers this statement from I.W. as swashbuckling and  projects a totally erroneous impression of the present position.


The final outcome rests not with the EPA or indeed Irish Water but with the overall authority in Europe.


A major conversation is ongoing in Brussels between the E.U Commission and the Irish Government in relation to the appropiate legislation that needs to be applied to the very controversial sewage discharge licence.


The outcome of these discussions ( and we are very hopeful ) will restore some common sense and wisdom to the outcome of this seriously flawed project.
I.W. ‘whistling past the graveyard ‘will not, in any way, magic a discharge licence out of thin air. Consider the illegal claim to the ownership of the sea bed of Lough Foyle which is now well and truly accepted belongs to the Crown Estates. ( We have the papers to prove it )  Consider the fact that the democratic decision of Donegal Co Council in 1990 that plant and pipe should be located outside the environs of the estuary and has never been rescinded.


We have recently confirmed the help of one of the most learned individuals on European Environmental law in Ireland, Mr Peter Sweetman, who has many important victories in this field.   With his help and the determination of the local community to reject this crass proposal we are in no doubt that we can save the shore walk, beautiful beaches and pristine bathing  between Moville and Greencastle from the poor judgement of technocrats who are strangers here and know nothing about the high esteem in which this area is held by both locals and visitors alike


Subject: Re: Moville Green Castle Sewage Scheme
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 12:34:01 +0100

Hi Enda,

What is the reaction to this from the members of the Community For A Clean Estuary?
Irish Water says all planning approvals are in place and the sewerage plant may be constructed.
Is the fight now over? Explain . . . .

Subject: Moville Green Castle Sewage Scheme
Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 08:01:02 +0000

Dear Mr Craig,


With reference to your correspondence with Irish Water on the Moville – Greencastle Sewage Scheme, please find below an update:


The project, as advanced by Donegal County Council prior to the establishment of Irish Water, has all planning approvals in place to allow it to be constructed.
Irish Water is very conscious of the need for sewage treatment in Moville in particular. The EPA report for 2013 cites Moville as:
o   One of the 44 agglomerations over 500 PE without treatment, and
o   Responsible for Serious Pollution of the Bredagh River.
Irish Water is currently working on procurement  for the detailed design of the scheme, with treatment location and outfall in accordance with planning.  Irish Water would hope to be in a position to award a contract by the end of 2016.
While the EPA discharge licence has not issued at this stage it is expected that it will be in place before construction commences, given the time required for detailed design and contract document preparation. The licence will determine the discharge standards required.


Yours sincerely,


Sean Corrigan



Sean Corrigan
Regional Information Officer –North West  Region


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