Moville/G’castle WWTP – Request for Information

Dear Mr Speight,


I understand that the Dept. of the Environment has indicated proposed changes to the legislation ( as told to me by Mr O’Lionain ) regarding compliance to C50/09 which is based on our complaint, and the Commission has decided not to disclose the changes to me, the complainant.

Can you explain the disparity of treatment being  afforded to myself , complainant CHAP (2015) 01424  to that of our Northern Ireland neighbour  CHAP (2011) 02025 who was kept informed and involved in the process by the Commission, in my request for further information . (see following link).


As the primary party to this complaint am I not entitled to have sight of this information.?

I and other members of Save the Foyle (  are gravely concerned about this approach and would like you to also explain the reference to ” in accordance with normal procedure” contained in attached letter as an explanation as to how I am disallowed from sight of the proposals/outcome of the package meeting 17th November 2015 between the Commission officials and the DOE in Dublin ( as confirmed by the Commission in a letter from Daniel Calleja  to Marian Harkin MEP 11/12/2015 attached.)

reply Marian Harkin 3 Dec 2015 re Greencastle Movile WWTP (1)

You will be aware of our groups long campaign to have the protections of European Environmental  Law applied to the Moville Greencastle Waste Water proposal for Lough Foyle. The requirements of C50/09 could not be fulfilled at Bord Pleanala ( Planning Board)  level  and our legal arguments in this regard sidelined in the High Court by use of the O’Keefe Judgement. (Craig vs Bord Pleanala. 2011 947 JR). The standard of review (the O’Keefe Judgement) was highlighted by your office as being of concern.


Yours sincerely


Enda Craig




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