ABP Letter Conal Boland – EPA response Marie OConnor letter

EPA to ABP 22-07-11


In the link above Conal Boland of ABP reacts to the C50-09 judgement which has just landed on his desk.

He immediately alerts the rest of the board that all assessment is put on hold until he determines if C50-09 has any relevance to our appeal against this proposed WWTP which he is currently assessing.

He then writes to the EPA -The relevant section is in this letter ‘ Consultation With The Agency ‘ where he references C50-09 and invites the EPA to respond with observations to the questions he poses to enable him ‘to complete the EIA ‘

The EPA refuses and their response is contained in the attached letter from Marie O’Connor. This is the sharp letter i referred to in our phone conversation.

Notwithstanding the absence of the requested information Mr Boland continues with his deliberations and gives planning permission for plant and pipe to the DCC.

This was a central plank of our appeal for JR to the High Court but as you can see Judge Hedigan gave us short shrift.

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