British Government Claim To Ownership Of Lough Foyle


British Government Claim To Ownership Of Lough Foyle



The Community For a Clean Estuary campaign group has been saying for years that the British Government has ownership of all of Lough Foyle to the high water mark on the Donegal side. On that basis we have stated that the claim by Donegal Coounty Council to ownership of that part of the sea-bed of Lough Foyle at the townland of Carnagarve where they proposed to lay a sewage discharge pipe was and is illegal. This group does not rejoice in the knowledge that we were right all along nor do we agree with the British claim – we were simply putting the researched facts on the table as we found them. We made our information available numerous times to the Irish authorities without any success or acknowledgement. Approximately five million euros of Irish tax-payer’s money has been squandered in trying to hoodwink local communities and the wider public that they have ownership of the sea-bed of Lough-Foyle when they patently do not. The following points need immediate clarification

1. Why did Donegal Co Cl abandon the agreed site North of Greencastle and outside the environs of Lough Foyle in 1996

2. Why did they make an illegal claim to the sea-bed of Lough Foyle.

3. Why did they use defective legislation in their planning application

4. Explain why they got an application for a discharge licence so wrong that they had to withdraw it.

In short, they have made a dog’s dinner out of the whole project and in the process left Moville and Greencastle communities without a much needed sewage plant over this last twenty five years. An investigation into the ineptitude and decision making abilities of various Irish authorities concerning many aspects of this project is now being called for and is long overdue.

Enda Craig - Spokesperson for Community For a Clean Estuary.


Brokenshire’s arrogant claim to Lough Foyle must be challenged by the Irish Government – Senator Pádraig Mac Lochlainn

Donegal Sinn Féin Senator Pádraig Mac Lochlainn has called on the Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan to challenge the latest pronouncement from the British Government on the ownership of Lough Foyle.
In response to a parliamentary question, the British Secretary of State for the North, James Brokenshire asserted that his Government’s position remains that “the whole of Lough Foyle is within the UK”.

Senator Mac Lochlainn said:

“This is an arrogant and provocative pronouncement from James Brokenshire but unfortunately it is a repeat of previous pronouncements and again and again, previous Irish Governments have failed to sort it out.

“I am calling on the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan to immediately challenge this assertion on behalf of the Irish people.

“I am also calling on Minister Flanagan to clarify what is the status of the negotiations between the two governments on the ownership of the Lough.

“The Loughs Agency tasked with responsibility for managing Lough Foyle by both governments have been repeatedly calling for a resolution so that the real tourism and fisheries potential of the Lough can be fully realised.

“Minister Flanagan also needs to clearly outline why agreement has not been reached to date.”

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