Link To Full Article: http://buncranatogether.com/home/2016/12/16/political-dastardly-deeds-surfacing-on-lough-foyle

Up to now the saga of Loughs Foyle and Carlingford ownership, has been sidestepped down through the decades.  However,  controversy has now reached crisis point and the issue is not over by a long shot,  maybe a nautical mile.  Many serious issues cry out for an investigation and answers are long overdue.


Take for example the Irish Government, nationalist and republican parties acquiescing in this affair, their subjugation to an English claim of ownership by The Crown Estates in London which is borne out by evidence,  provided by Enda Craig in his article,  evidence of the quiet handing over of a king’s ransom in rent.


This ‘Crown’ affair and the evidence dug up by Enda is a shot across the bow to the Irish Government.  It somehow brings to mind historic times such as Francis Drake, Queen Bess and their imperial quest for treasure and ‘Britannia Rules the Waves’, piracy and looting.  It also reminds one of absentee rack-rent landlords and their local toady overseers.




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