Letter To Mr Paul Speight: Eu Pilot 8542/16 Pre-Closure

Link To Full Letter: Letter To Mr Paul Speight


Dear Mr Speight

I write on behalf of the Committee for a Cleaner Estuary in response to your letter of 9 March last where you invited our comments on the new Regulations that were introduced by lreland late last year to remedy the lacunae identified within our complaint.

It is noted that the Commission is of the view that this new legislation in the form of S.l 652/2016 now aligns the EIA legislation in lreland with the judgment of the CJEU in case 50/09.

Accordingly set out here under the comments of the Committee on the amending legislation and would ask that such comments would be carefully considered by the Commission before any decision is taken to close the complaint.

Our committee is still gravely concerned that planning approval for the Moville Greencastle Waste Water Treatment Plant still stands despite the Commissions interventions.

We ask the Commission to ensure as per item 5 above that the Commission insist that approval be set aside as a sine qua non for approval of the latest provisions discussed above.

You will well be aware of the recent triggering of article 50 by the UK government and Brexit.

James Brokenshire in affirming the position of the UK to the ownership of Lough Foyle makes the planning approval decision for discharge to the Lough even more untenable given the present political circumstances.

On behalf of our campaign committee I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Ms Long for all your endeavours to date.

Your sincerely,

Enda Craig




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