Ares(2017)2210052 – Post closure letter – EU Pilot 8542/16

Link To Full Letter: EU Pilot 8542-16 closure letter


Dear Mr Craig


Subject: EU Pilot 8542/16 concerning waste water discharge licensing and EIA Directive in Moville


Thank you for your letter of reply. I am glad that you are in agreement that the new Regulations now bring the Irish regulatory system into line with the requirements of EU law. As I indicated in my letter of 9 March 2017, the Irish authorities committed themselves to awaiting this new legislation so that any decision on a future permit for the waste water treatment plant in question would be taken in line with the law as it now stands. On this basis we have now closed the EU pilot file. You are however welcome to come back to us on this issue if necessary, quoting the above mentioned reference number, as the file will remain in our archives.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Speight





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